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  • Airport transfers. How to mobilize successfully?

    If you are about to arrive in Lima, pay attention to these tips that will help you to move from the airport and without problems.

    Lima is the capital and one of the largest cities in Peru. It has approximately 10 million inhabitants within its 50 districts (including the province of Callao). Therefore, Jorge Chavez International Airport is usually the starting point to know and enjoy the many attractions of our country.

    If you chose to spend a few days in Lima and need to move from the airport to the city center or other tourist districts, you need to follow these recommendations:

    1. Do not take taxis from the street

    Lima has an enviable cultural variety and marked contrasts throughout its length. Therefore, it is essential to choose a reliable taxi service that offers airport transfer and pick-up, that has a safety record, with certified drivers and good recommendations to avoid theft and other insecurity situations.

    2. Be clear about your arrival point

    If you are clear about your arrival point, it will be easier for you to calculate the rate and budget the costs related to mobility. You can visualize on a map (physical or virtual) the distance between the airport and your destination and thus evaluate the price and time you consider best.

    Remember that Lima is a big city, and the airport is outside the center of it; Having clear where you are going will allow you to save time and effort.

    3. Evaluate your options:

    You can have different alternatives in mind to be able to choose your best option.

    Prioritize what matters most to you about a mobility service: comfort ?, prices ?, car model ?, language ?, safety? … With this in mind, make a List all the alternatives of your choice and make sure they have a website where you can see the opinions of their customers.

    4. Enjoy your stay:

    Lima is a city that can make you fall in love if you let it. It perfectly combines different cultural experiences, gastronomic enjoyments and social experiences. Fun, reflection and emotion for all tastes. Keep an open mind and enjoy all the attractions of the city.

    Follow these tips and tell us which others you would suggest.

    Welcome to Lima!

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