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  • How to choose a good corporate taxi service?

    Learn the fundamental characteristics to choose a corporate taxi service that is safe and reliable.

    Companies need to maintain and establish relationships with different entities and public with whom they work and visit constantly. Then, it is essential to have a reliable mobility service (known as corporate taxis) that allows its staff to arrive on time to all destinations with safety, comfort and, above all, at reasonable and favorable prices.

    Consider these aspects to choose your best option:

    1. Payment system

    Make sure that the corporate transfer service you choose has different payment options such as: credit or debit cards, bank transfers, account deposits, purchase orders, among others.

    This helps the trip monitoring; In addition, it allows to request the necessary documents for the justification of the expense in case these are required by the user company.

    2. Security

    This point is essential because we are responsible for the safety of your staff and it is our duty to make them arrive at their destinations with total security. For this reason it is essential that the mobility service chosen has cars that comply with the regulations of the metropolitan taxi according to the law, in addition they must have SOAT and current insurance.

    3. Multichannel

    Business life is in constant movement and transformation, setbacks may appear unexpectedly and it is necessary to have backup solutions that allow us to continue providing quality service. It is important that the corporate taxi company you choose has assistance in different communication channels (online and offline).

    That way we can ensure that you continue with the transfer avoiding setbacks and maintaining the quality you deserve.

    Be sure to take into account each point mentioned above to make your choice as safe and reliable as possible. Tell us if you would like us to delve into this topic and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

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